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Employee Testimonials

Alexandra Konecny

Alexandra Konecny
Former Analyst
B.S. Business Administration, International Business
University of Southern California

"Top Quality Senior Mentorship"

Before entering recruiting season in the fall of my Senior year, I’d never even considered investment banking as a potential career. After going through the first half of college thinking I had a career in marketing ahead of me, I was the most surprised of anyone when I decided to pursue a career in banking instead. I found the qualitative analysis of largely quantitative-based finance topics fascinating, and I became determined to find a career that would allow me to apply these skills and deepen my knowledge.

I began my banking career search with no motives or expectations, armed only with my determined attitude, strong academic record and personable demeanor. My hard work preparing for interviews paid off, and I was given the opportunity to interview at several large bulge bracket firms, ultimately receiving an offer from a top-tier bank. To be honest, I’d never even considered smaller boutique firms until a fellow USC graduate encouraged me to apply to FT Partners. The people, culture and opportunity were a breath of fresh air. While my experiences interviewing at the bulge bracket firms were formal and rigid, my interviews at FT Partners were personal and comfortable. The promise of unbeatable analyst responsibility, close interaction with senior management and diverse deal experience was too good to pass up. Within a week of my interviews, I decided to turn down my bulge bracket offer and signed with FT Partners.

My experience at FT Partners has exceeded all my expectations. Coming in with little banking experience, I had a lot to learn very quickly, as analysts at FT Partners are held to exceptionally high standards. Senior management was and has continued to be incredibly supportive and involved throughout my analyst program, substantiating the inherent value of working for a small boutique firm. Friends at bulge bracket firms have virtually no interaction with senior bankers. At FT Partners, lean deal teams allow me to receive constructive feedback not only from my direct supervisors, but also from Managing Directors and even the Managing Partner. The senior bankers’ genuine focus on ensuring I feel comfortable and prepared to take on increasing levels of responsibility and more challenging tasks gives me the confidence and skills to constantly improve.

As I enter the second year of my program, reflecting on my progression as an analyst and as a professional adult is truly incredible. The learning curve I encountered when I first started was steep, but the support I received enabled me to tackle it with full confidence. It has created a platform for future development and growth, and I am extremely optimistic and excited to discover what the second year of my analyst program has in store for me.