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Employee Testimonials

Jason Lew

Jason Lew
MBA, Haas Business School
University of California, Berkley

"Wide Array of Career Opportunities"

I started working in investment banking in 2005 and, by now, have seen a decent cross-section of the big, the small and the ugly. When I moved to FT Partners from UBS Investment Banking, I knew, eyes wide open, that it was a big decision. Positions at other bulge bracket platforms were available, and, while arguably the same "job," a global bank of 65,000 employees versus to a boutique platform is a tremendous leap. I took that leap without fully knowing what was in store, but ultimately have recognized that coming to FT Partners was the best decision I could have made for a variety of reasons.

I love the flexibility and efficiency of our platform. It's the perfect size to execute on complex deals without getting bogged down in bureaucracy and onerous processes. The "bulge" in bulge bracket isn't a misnomer, the size and breadth of these institutions makes internal friction inevitable. At FT Partners we are able to focus our efforts on doing a better job at our core advisory functions. I've found that this allows us to create better analyses, run more effective processes and service our clients better. It allows me the ability to work on more deals with more responsibility, which is really the goal of all investment bankers. I have gotten more exposure and opportunities on large sophisticated transactions, with the requisite support, to be successful here than I could at any large platform.

I'm excited for the future here. I am confident that we're doing all of the right things to continue the amazing success we've had thus far, and that my experience here is preparing me better than any other position I could have taken. I'm excited to continue learning the trade; I'm excited to teach new classes of bankers and pass down the knowledge I've gained thus far; and I'm excited to do it at FT Partners.