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Employee Testimonials

Tim Wolfe

Tim Wolfe
Managing Director
MBA, Harvard University

"Entrepreneurial Environment"

When I initially made the decision to leave Goldman Sachs for FT Partners, the firm was still in its initial development stage. FT Partners offered me the ability to work in an entrepreneurial environment, to help build a firm from the ground up and to get much more hands on investment banking experience. This was invaluable for my career development and confidence as an investment banker.

The direction the firm is heading is great. We continue to bring on great people, develop them and give them a great experience and deliver superior results to our clients. We like our relatively small size as it allows us to be focused and provide a high touch, high value-add product to our clients.

After helping guide the firm through its initial development and growth, I decided to attend business school. Steve was supportive of my decision and even wrote one of my recommendation letters; I also received several recommendation letters from FT Partners clients whose deals I had helped execute. After completing the MBA program at Harvard University, the decision to come back to FT Partners was twofold. First, I knew I would be able to really accelerate my career and hit the ground running given I was so familiar with the environment and team. It was exciting to see where the firm had been and where it was going and I wanted to be a part of it. Second, the entrepreneurial environment allowed me to continue to invest in helping to build and grow the firm. In so doing, I hoped that I would be able to further develop my career and skillset as an investment banker.

The combination of working with great clients and a great team that lead to continuing successes keeps me going. It has been great to see the firm achieve success in the highly competitive world of investment banking and build a nice brand, recognized for its high quality work and advice. It has been a lot of hard work, but it's been a lot of fun, too.

Investing in FT Partners as a career allows you to get behind the long term vision of the firm and realize that your contributions, not only in executing transactions for clients, but also in what you do for the firm itself, are going to yield long term benefit from a personal, financial and career perspective.