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FT Partners Announces the Publication of its Comprehensive, In-Depth Analysis on WEALTHTECH


FT Partners is pleased to provide our clients and industry executives with our latest industry research report, "WealthTech — The Digitization of Wealth Management," which is an in-depth examination of the dramatic changes sweeping across the wealth management industry.

The traditional investment management and registered investment advisor (“RIA”) industries are facing numerous threats, and while firms in the industry recognize the need to respond, technology-driven innovation is not a core expertise of most RIAs and investment managers. Consequently, there has been a groundswell of FinTech companies bringing digital capabilities to the traditional wealth management industries. Collectively, we label this segment of FinTech as WealthTech.

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Key Wealth Trends

WealthTech companies are targeting inefficiencies that span the entire wealth management value chain, from client prospecting to investing to portfolio management and reporting. Benefits include more efficient workflows, improved client experiences and greater transparency. Regardless of their value proposition, WealthTech companies are seeking to improve overall wealth management and investing.

WealthTech 357

This report highlights a number of key trends within the broader WealthTech industry such as...

  • Growing number of advisors joining the independent channel
  • Incumbent financial institutions are entering the robo-advice space
  • Increased demand for alternative investments
  • Financial planning trending towards goal-based approaches
  • Higher levels of active risk management
  • Commoditization of portfolio management software is leading to expanded offerings
  • RIA custodians evolving into more holistic roles

The WealthTech Landscape

The WealthTech ecosystem is ever-changing and growing. There are already hundreds of companies within the space looking to improve the industry in unique ways. The report features a visual WealthTech industry landscape including multiple sub-categories. Along with this landscape, the report features detailed profiles of selected WealthTech companies, both private and public.

WealthTech Landscape




The WealthTech landscape includes verticals such as...

  • Financial planning
  • B2B robo-advisors
  • RIA custodians
  • Online client engagement
  • Alternative investments
  • Rebalancing
  • Portfolio risk management
  • Portfolio management and reporting
  • Data aggregation
  • Compliance
  • B2B digital retirement solutions
  • Client relationship management

CEO Interviews

This report provides insight into some of the brightest minds in the WealthTech industry through a series of interviews with CEOs at notable disruptive companies.

CEO Interviews

FT Partners’ Proprietary Financing and M&A Transaction Database

FinTech Database

FT Partners maintains a proprietary database of FinTech financing and M&A transactions. Using this database, the report includes comprehensive lists of both financing and M&A deals, reflecting the heightened deal activity in the WealthTech space over the past few years.

This report also includes links to a number of detailed transaction profiles that examine significant deals (both financings and M&As) in the space.

Selected FT Partners Transactions



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