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FinTech in Africa: Leapfrogging Legacy Straight to Mobile

Brazil’s Emerging FinTech Ecosystem: A Market Receptive to Innovation


Executive Summary:

FinTech is rapidly spreading into Africa. As mobile proliferation and internet penetration continue to accelerate, financial services in many African markets are bypassing traditional banking infrastructure in favor of tech-enabled solutions such as mobile payments, mobile banking and digital lending. With a large, rapidly-growing population and several of the world’s fastest-growing economies, Africa represents a large and attractive market opportunity for FinTech companies given its relatively underdeveloped financial services ecosystem.

Report Features:

  • An overview of trends in the FinTech markets in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa
  • A detailed landscape of FinTech players in Africa and company profiles
  • Proprietary list of financing and M&A transactions in the space
  • Overview of selected active FinTech investors in Africa

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