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VIP Video Conferences

Networks, Rails and Wallets, Oh My!

Networks, Rails and Wallets, Oh My! VIP Video Panel

On April 18th, 2023, FT Partners hosted a panel discussion with Mary Kay Bowman and Tom Noyes.

Our discussion focuses on the ever-evolving intersection of tech, payments and financial services, with special attention paid to emerging US RTP rails, long-term positioning of payment networks, and continually dueling digital wallets.

Watch the recording

Bank Turmoil

Bank Turmoil VIP Video Panel

On March 23, 2023, FT Partners Equity Research had the opportunity to host Porter Collins and Vincent Daniel for a very timely and topical discussion around the current financial system.

Porter and Vincent were featured in Michael Lewis’s Book, The Big Short, and subsequently characters in the movie directed by Adam McKay. They had worked on a team at FrontPoint Partners during the Financial Crisis of 2007-2009. Since then, they have been managing Seawolf Capital.

Watch the recording

Led by Co-Directors of Research Craig Maurer and Matt O’Neill, who bring a combined 35+ years of sell-side research experience from firms including Goldman Sachs & Co., Autonomous Research US, and Alliance Bernstein L.P., FT Partners has initially launched coverage of more than two dozen public FinTech companies across multiple sub-sectors via the publication of our Proprietary Company Profiles.

FT Partners’ Equity Research offering has been reimagined and differs substantially from what has become typical of sell-side research coverage. Most critically and uniquely, FT Partners Equity Research:

  • Is available for free, with our large volume of in-depth published research available to qualified institutional investors at no charge and with no obligation to trade / pay commissions
  • Eschews the inherent friction introduced by quickly stale / single point-in-time ratings, price targets, and earnings estimates (i.e. no ratings, price targets, or earnings estimates)
  • Focuses instead on deep and more meaningful scenario-based analysis and financial modeling, employing multiple valuation methodologies, considering both short and long-term outcomes, and where results may deviate from the consensus view
  • Is functionally aesthetic, designed to be quickly digested, while providing all the necessary layering, content and context for institutional investors to arrive at the best-informed investment decisions on a real-time basis
  • Includes unrivaled coverage of the private companies and their CEOs throughout the FinTech ecosystem that are aiming to disrupt legacy public incumbents

We will follow this initial launch with proprietary company profiles, in-depth sub-sector reports, deep-dive company-specific reports, notes covering earnings from preview through review, real-time analysis of impactful news or events, weekly publications, and FT Partners’ world-renowned private company and sector research.

In addition, we will offer a wide-range of deeper content and analyst / network access, for Premium Access subscribers, including, but not limited to:

  • Direct access to our industry-leading Equity Research analysts
  • Access to detailed working financial models
  • Invitations to private VIP conferences
  • Corporate access to key private and public company CEOs and executives
  • Webinars with highly topical speakers
  • Strategic bespoke events
  • Limited and compliant access to FT Partners’ investment bankers, operating executives, and CEO