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FT Partners Proprietary FinTech Research:

Innovations in Payroll and Human Capital Management

Executive Summary:

The global payroll industry is undergoing a seismic shift, driven by the rise of distributed work, an increasing number of self-employed and freelance workers, as well as technological innovations that have made domestic and global payroll more efficient, flexible, and compliant in order to meet evolving market demands. In recent years, FinTech companies have launched new payroll and adjacent innovations including cloud-based, multi-country payroll systems, global Employer of Record solutions, earned wage access (EWA), payroll data platforms, payroll lending services, and more. FinTech innovators are clearly waking up to the strategic value of payroll processing, as the path to providing many workforce solutions leads through payroll.

The report features:

  • An overview of the payroll processing space, the complexities that arise in processing payroll, and key innovations in the domestic and global payroll markets
  • A detailed landscape of FinTech providers focused on the industry
  • A proprietary list of financing and M&A transactions
  • Exclusive interviews with executives from 10 leading companies
  • Profiles of 30 highly relevant companies in the space


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