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FT Partners Proprietary FinTech Research:

Women in FinTech: Rising Stars

Executive Summary:

FT Partners regularly recognizes outstanding women in the FinTech industry through published interviews, in-depth research reports and panel discussions each year.

For our Rising Stars report, we asked the FinTech ecosystem to nominate women that are leading the way for the future of FinTech, across all departments and roles, from product management, marketing, technology, finance, investing, entrepreneurship and leadership. We witnessed a positive outpouring from all sides of the industry resulting in hundreds of nominations recognizing the talents and contributions of many women working in the FinTech industry.

With this report, we strived to assemble a diverse collection of interviews featuring women in growth and leadership phases of their careers in order to showcase new perspectives, inspiring professional journeys, and advice.

The report features more than 30 exclusive interviews with Rising Stars in FinTech detailing their inspirations, challenges they confronted, opportunities they seized, mentors that have guided them along the way, and each person’s unique path to success in the FinTech industry.


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