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FT Partners Quarterly FinTech Insights and Annual Almanac

FT Partners is the only data source for comprehensive, global FinTech deal activity covering M&A, Financing and IPO statistics and trends

FT Partners’ FinTech Insights Reports are published on a quarterly basis, along with a comprehensive year-end Almanac. All information included in the reports is sourced from FT Partners’ Proprietary Transaction Database, which is compiled by the FT Partners Research Team through primary research and data analysis. The reports feature M&A, financing and IPO statistics and trends as well as breakdowns by FinTech vertical, geography, investor-type and much more.

Be sure to check back for quarterly updates and additions. All recent reports can be viewed or downloaded for free below.

Q3 2021 FinTech Insights

Q3 2021 FinTech Insights


Key Highlights:

  • The first three quarters of 2021 were the largest ever for private FinTech company capital raising with Q3 closely following Q2 at $35.8 billion in total volume across 909 financing rounds.
  • At the end of Q3, 2021 YTD total volume surpassed $100 billion reaching $103.3 billion, a FinTech sector record and an unimaginable level from less than a year ago as 2020 volume totaled $45.7 billion.
  • The massive increase in financing volume was buoyed by the significant number of $100 million+ financing rounds, specifically 296 in 2021 YTD compared to full-year totals of just over 100 in both 2020 and 2019.
  • On the public market side, there have been a record-breaking 37 FinTech IPOs globally in 2021 YTD, 30 of them on US exchanges.
  • Q3 2021 was the largest quarter ever for FinTech M&A at $154 billion in announced volume across 381 deals.
  • Supporting the record quarterly volume in Q3 2021 were 26 FinTech M&A transactions valued at over $1 billion, a new all-time high.
  • The heightened level of SPAC transaction activity in the FinTech sector continued in Q3 2021, with 13 new mergers announced.

Report Features:

  • Q3 2021 and historical FinTech financing and M&A volume and deal count statistics
  • Largest FinTech financings and M&A transactions in Q3 2021
  • Most active FinTech investors including strategic investor participation
  • Breakdowns by geography and FinTech vertical
  • Global FinTech IPO and SPAC tracker
  • Other industry, capital raising and M&A trends in FinTech

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