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FT Partners Quarterly InsurTech Insights and Annual Almanac

FT Partners is the only data source for comprehensive, global InsurTech deal activity covering M&A, Financing and IPO statistics and trends

FT Partners’ InsurTech Insights Reports are published on a quarterly basis, along with a comprehensive year-end Almanac. All information included in the reports is sourced from FT Partners’ Proprietary Transaction Database, which is compiled by the FT Partners Research Team through primary research and data analysis. The reports feature M&A, financing and IPO statistics and trends as well as breakdowns by vertical, geography, investor-type and much more.

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Q2 2022 InsurTech Insights

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Report Features:

  • Q2 2022 and historical InsurTech financing and M&A volume and deal count statistics
  • Largest InsurTech financings and M&A transactions in 21 2022
  • Most active InsurTech investors
  • Corporate VC activity and strategic investor participation
  • Other industry, capital raising and M&A trends in InsurTech

Key Highlights:

  • In the first half of 2022, InsurTech financing volume and deal count slowed in pace compared to the record-breaking levels from 2021. This mirrors the weakening deal activity across the FinTech sector more broadly as higher interest rates, lower valuations, and economic uncertainty take their toll on private company fundraising activities.
  • On a quarterly basis, InsurTech financing volume and deal count have both been on the decline since the first two quarters of 2021. Financing deal count was down 20% since Q1 of this year and down 36% since the peak in Q1 2021. Additionally, total dollar volume raised was down by 43% in Q2 2022 from the peak a year prior.
  • Strategic investor participation remained consistent with the levels from prior years with 43% of financings in H1 2022 including at least one strategic investor.
  • While there was only one InsurTech M&A deal with an announced value over $1 billion in 2022 so far, H1 2022 represented the most active first half ever with 95 M&A transactions, although more deals occurred in Q1 than Q2.